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Luxury Hotel For Dogs Opens In Toronto

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reveals that there are an average of 1.6 dogs per home, and modern pet parents are doing whatever they can to enrich their furry friends' lives. Some may even be getting a little carried away.

Canada Boasts "Luxury Resort Experience"... For Dogs

The Toronto hotel, called UrbanDog, features "elevated orthopedic beds, filtered water, a chemical-free pool, aromatherapy, spa treatments, and the option of a $200-a-night poolside suite [all for dogs]," according to a Feb. 21National Post article -- and that's not all. While it's true that some owners are looking for alternatives to cramped boarding kennels, this particular hotel or resort offers a great deal more. Like pet boarding kennels and doggy day cares, UrbanDog employees will walk dogs, groom them, and feed them. Unlike these facilities, there is also a mini bar, with dog-safe ice cream, treats and dog chews, and holiday meals. Owners can even check in virtually via a Skype-like program. In addition to viewing and talking to dogs (if that's what you want to do), you can also select options for them to receive a treat or aromatherapy while video "chatting" with you.

Is This The Future Of Kennels?

Will these luxury pet hotels replace traditional boarding kennels? What do veterinarian technicians and vets have to say about the quirky alternatives to kennels for dogs? First, dog owners will spend nearly $400 on vet bills per year ($378 to be exact). To keep these costs in check, it is important for owners to board pets, especially during long trips. Even if you hire someone to walk dogs, they can easily become lonely and destructive (to themselves or to your home). It doesn't matter whether you choose a more traditional kennel or a luxury resort; what matters is that you find proper accommodations, with constant attention and surveillance, for them.

Would you pay for your dog to stay in a luxury resort? Toronto's UrbanDog hopes owners will embrace the new trend.

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