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What to Do About Your Stressed Out Dog

Just like people, some dogs are simply more high strung and anxious than others. A puppy's separation anxiety can cause a ton of issues, too. Many pet owners will come home after a long day of work to find that their stressed out pooches have done some serious destruction, chewing and tearing up several of the owners' possessions.

In a way, most dogs nowadays are unemployed. Historically, dogs were bred for jobs like hunting, herding livestock, or guarding homes. Today, their main job is seemingly to be a couch potato. Naturally, this causes canines to feel excessive boredom that causes pent up energy, often resulting in misbehavior.

Pet boarding kennels for dogs provide a viable solution for these antsy pets. These kennels are like doggy day cares that work like day care centers for humans. Owners just drop their pups off in the morning before work, and after a day of toil they swing by the puppy day care to pick up their happy, exercised doggies! Depending on the dog and the puppy day care owner, pets will get to play with other dogs, play with people, play outside, play inside, or perhaps simply get loving attention while resting on a couch.

Puppy day care's main benefits include relieving boredom, loneliness, and the anxiety caused by such loneliness. Dogs get to socialize with people and other animals while getting much-needed exercise that prevents their destructive behavior when unsupervised. What's more, puppy day care also relieves pet parents' guilt from leaving their dogs home alone.

Of course, puppy day care isn't right for all dogs. It's a decision ultimately left up to the owners about where they feel their dogs will be most comfortable and happy. Plus, dogs who aren't healthy, spayed, neutered, and well-socialized may not be good fits for puppy day care. Dogs that are aggressive, fearful, tense, or tend to avoid other dogs might also be poor candidates. A better solution might be to simply go home for lunch and visit.

Nevertheless, puppy day care is a great thing for the general majority of dogs. If you feel like it's a worthwhile idea, then pursue it. Your vet will be able to recommend a couple places that you can then check out. If you have any questions about doggy day care, feel free to ask in the comments.

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