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Why Your Pet Needs Premium Veterinary Care

If you're like most Americans, it is likely that you own a pet, and even more likely that you own a common domesticated animal such as a cat or a dog. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are an estimated 6,926,000 domesticated dogs in the United States. Additionally, an estimated 43,346,000 American households are dog owners, creating an average 1.6 dogs as pets per household in the United States. 

Likewise, the AVMA reports that 30.4% of Americans own cats as pets, with an estimated 2.1 cats per household. Unfortunately, if you are a pet owner, you know that providing care for a pet can be expensive. If you go on a trip or vacation, you have to find pet boarding. If you can't leave your pet alone during the day, you have to pay for doggy daycare or other services. And if your pet experiences health problems, you will pay a veterinarian or emergency animal hospital for their medical expenses. 

The AVMA reports that the average cat owner in the United States will make 1.6 vet visits every year, and spend an average of $191 dollars on each visit. For this reason, some pet owners have bought, or considered buying, veterinarian supplies and treating their pets themselves. While some of these veterinarian supplies, such as flea and tick treatments, are often safe and even recommended by veterinarian technicians, the value of having a local veterinarians' office you can trust is extremely important, especially when it comes to keeping your pet in good health.

While buying veterinarian supplies can seem like an easy way to afford expensive medical payments, it is usually safer to take your pet to a local animal vet. After all, a veterinary professional spends years learning about the various illness and ailments that can affect animals, the diagnosis process for these medical conditions, and how to treat them. By avoiding a visit to one of the veterinarian hospitals in your area, you could be putting your pet's life at serious risk.

There are also a number of benefits to finding a vet in your area that you trust. For example, veterinary hospitals often board cats and dogs while their owners are out of town or unable to care for their pets. Veterinary pet boarding kennels take animals on walks, provide them with fun activities, and feed them nutritious meals, creating a level of care you would likely give them if present. So leave the veterinarian supplies to the professionals, and find a veterinarian near you that you can trust. Your healthy pet will thank you.

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