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The number one reason animals are surrendered to a shelter is behavior.  The number one reason for euthanasia in this country is behavior.  Therefore, behavior is a critical part of veterinary medicine and saves lives more than any other disease we treat!  This portion of our library has been divided into two sections, since the topics and methods discussed are widely different.


Preventative Behavior


Like preventative medicine, it's definitely more effective than waiting to treat a problem that already exists.  Although this section applies primarily to puppies and kittens, you should still read through the articles and give your adult animal a daily refresher course in the basics.



Behavior Problems


If your pet has developed a behavioral problem that is intolerable to you, before your pet becomes another statistic like the ones above, read the following information.  More importantly, ASK US!  If we don't know there's a problem, we can't help you.  Our veterinarians are trained in behavior modification and take behavior issues seriously, so bring it up at your next appointment.  If you can't wait that long, schedule a separate behavior consultation appointment today.


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