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Giving Subcutaneous fluids

  1. Hang the bag on a hook of some kind.



  2. Place the needle on the extension set of the IV bag.



  3. Take the cover off the needle.
  4. Tent the skin.



  5. Place the needle through the skin in one smooth motion – do not jab.  The needle should go through the tent near the body.



  6. Turn the fluids on by pushing the roller up.




  7. If fluid is seen dribbling outside the skin, the needle is not placed right.  Try drawing the needle back a little and try again.  If still no change, withdraw the needle and re-try.
  8. The numbers on the bag are each for 100mL fluid each.  Give the appropriate amount as directed by your doctor.
  9. Repeat this as determined by your doctor.  This frequency may change as we determine what’s best for your pet.

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