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Why should I get my pet spayed or neutered?

There are many common misconceptions concerning spaying and neutering.  We will explain the facts of this health procedure and help you make this important decision.  

Males: (Castration)

  • Less like to roam. If unable to roam, they will not become so upset when they sense a female in heat. A male is constantly "in heat" and many males become frustrated.
  • This frustration often results in acts of aggression or embarrassing unwanted male behavior. Neutering remedies such behavior.
  • From a better health standpoint, castration will prevent most prostate, anal, and testicular problems (including cancer) commonly seen in the older dogs.

Females: (Spay)

  • Will no longer have the 3-4 week heat periods every 6 months. this prevents unwanted male dogs from hanging around your house.
  • It also prevents your having to watch your pet closely so she neither runs from home nor burdens you later with a litter of pups.
  • It also eliminates major potential medical problems as she gets older. Most of the medical problems of a female dog's reproductive tract will occur in the middle to older are females. They include:
    • Pyometra - a uterine infection occurring 30-60 days after a heat. This condition requires spaying in order to save the pet's life.
    • Cystic Ovaries - May cause abnormal cycling of heat periods, false pregnancies, or other hormonal imbalances also requiring spaying of the pet.
    • Mammary Tumors - definitely influenced by the females hormones; requires both spyaing and removal of the mammary tumors.

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