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Why should I have my dog's ocular pressures checked? What breeds are susceptible?

Ocular pressures are a measurement of pressures inside the eye.  This is a screening test for glaucoma.  Glaucoma is a painful, blinding, progressive disease of the eye.  Glaucoma may be a primary disease or may be a sign of another serious problem in the eye, including cataracts or cancer.  If glaucoma can be detected and treated early, there is a better chance that we can save your dog’s vision and keep his eye from becoming very painful.

Many, many breeds are at risk for developing glaucoma.  These include Beagles, Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels, Malteses, Shih Tzus, Poodles, Samoyeds, Schnauzers, Shiba Inus and Westies.

Regardless of breed, all dogs should have their ocular pressures checked annually starting at 2 years of age.

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