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Providing an accurate, reliable and permanent manner to identify an animal has now become quite simple.  We now are able to permanently identify your pet with an AKC Microchip.  This can be done either when your pet is awake or under sedation.  The AKC Computer chip comes loaded in a syringe, which is injected under the skin between the shoulders.  Once in place, the chip carries an identification number that permanently identifies your pet.  If your pet is lost, any animal shelter that scans your pet will pick up the identification chip and will immediately know to call the national registry to find his or her owner.  In addition, you will be given an identification tag and stickers with your pet’s number so you can have a record of the number at home.  If a Good Samaritan finds your pet with its ID tag on, they can go online, enter the number and contact you directly.


We are constantly receiving letters and cards from distraught owners who have lost their pet.  Up until now, we relied on identification tags and collars, which fall off, get chewed up, or fade with time. AKC Microchips cannot be lost and will not be damaged by time. This technology provides us with one safer avenue to protect your pet.


Even pets that stay indoors only should be microchipped.  They may be too disoriented or scared to find their way home if they ever get outside.


During Hurricane Katrina, many pets were separated from their owners under the most horrible circumstances.  As pets were flown to shelters all over the country in order to care for all of them, many owners realized there was no way to find their pet amongst all the lost animals.  The few animals that were microchipped had identification that could not be lost or removed, no matter where they were taken.


COST: $65.50 - This includes Microchip placement and registration


For more information please visit:  www.akccar.org/index.cfm


To look up a microchip for a pet you've found, please visit www.petmicrochiplookup.org 

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